Friday, October 1, 2010

My financial crisis.


As many of you have probably noticed the brown chip-in widget here on the blog, and on the main site you are have also seen the note to come here to check out the blog to find out what is going on.

This month has been particularly hard in our home. I finally got my divorce final. This would be really the only highlight. And even that was depressing.

As some of you know, I rent rooms to boarders here in my home to make ends meet. It allows me to be at home with my kids and this went from a boon to a requirement. I have no family nearby or anyone who can watch my son while my daughter is at school so getting a job myself was out of the question. Daycare is far too expensive for me at this stage as well. So I am dependent on rent from a total of four adults who live in three of the rooms here to keep things going. (This is also the situation that ended up causing me to ask for donations for V-RADIO in the first place.)

Two of those adults both had unexpected financial crisis hit them, so they are falling behind. One of which started his own business in the Michigan economy. (Oops) and the other of which is currently paying a wonderful fee called a "Driver's responsibility fee" because he was caught driving without proper insurance. They basically fine you a couple hundred dollars a month, for two years. (Seems kind of self defeating huh?)

The last two were a couple. One of which was a young lady willing to watch my kids. I waited for the divorce to be final and started to look for a job and got so far as the interview process only to be told that her father has convinced her to move back home. (A fairly common thing right now. Young adults move back in with their parents so they can lower their monthly costs and keep their lifestyle. The fact that she is pregnant doesn't help.) So that ended my job options.

So the couple was going to move out. This of course being sudden very well could of crushed my financial situation that was already teetering over the edge. So the man of the couple agreed to stay in the home and pay rent until I could find another roommate or means to make money.

He was employed at Wal-Mart until about an hour ago. Note, I said was.

So today he sustained an injury on the job and they fired him on the spot so that they do not have to pay him disability. Apparently he crushed his finger. (I haven't seen him yet.)

So, now it looks like he will also be moving out. As he has no job here and would not be able to get another one before rent was due anyway.

Thankfully I was able to pay the rent, but all of the utilities are still unpaid this month, thanks to my two other roommates being unable to pay their own rent on time. And even when they do, it will not be enough to pay rent and utilities in the following month.

So, here is my predicament. I cannot become employed outside the home. I am working on writing a few books for money from within the home. However it will take a long time for those projects to come to fruition. And I will lose my home and my children immediately following that long before that could ever save me.

So here is what I propose to the listeners of V-RADIO.

This month, I am going to work constantly to give you as many great shows as I feasibly can. I can't promise a lot of guests as that takes time to set up but I am going to do my damndest. I will be writing original blogs and having discussion shows with panelists on various issues and taking requests for issues to cover as well.

I have put a brown chip-in widget labeled "V-RADIO SUPPLEMENTAL" with a goal of $400 (The amount of rent I normally would bring in from that couple who is moving out) for this month. I also still need the normal donations to keep V-RADIO up and running.

Not to be dramatic, but this is basically my darkest hour. This is do or die. The monetary system here in Michigan is crumbling under technological unemployment as fast as the companies can export or automate the work. If I become homeless obviously V-RADIO will also cease to be. And my work for the movement will cease for the foreseeable future. I have no idea where I would go, or worse where my children would end up.

I am going to do everything in my power on my end to try and get help in the meantime. But that is a process that may not work out.

I absolutely appreciate everyone who has supported V-RADIO up until now. I know some of my detractors will have a field day with this. (And they can all go to hell) but this is it. My back is against the wall. Please help if you can.



  1. Neil! I too am in tough financial situations as of now but promise I will see what I can scrounge up since I've known you for a long time and talk to you personally on IM and even once in a while on the phone.

    This is serious business, you're not one to have to ask for help. I will remind everybody to help you out as well.

    It will all work out.

  2. This is Barb Fancy Cat. I just gave a small amount. I am coming out of fixing the car a lot and I can't touch my savings so I sent a small amount.

  3. feel real bad for you,in the same boat myself a month ago with rent had to move into a cheaper place with my girlfriend.but not doing too bad now got some work coming in.don't let it get you down,i know its easier said than done but things do work out most of the time,i'm going to help you out next week ill have some extra cash then

  4. If you're running out of topics: I'm sure the "renegades" - people who left TZM (Domokato, Brenton, Aaron, me) would agree to give a couple reasons for their decision that you can debate on air with your boys.

    If you'd announce this as debating the arguments of educated ex-members and not "debunking CS trolls" on the forums, I'm sure you'd spark some interest and increase your revenue.

    PN me on CS or TZM if you need help.


  5. I'm sure you'll pull through. We got your back.

  6. Having been in a similar position to you just a few months ago, I wouldn't be here now if it wasn't for various folk (Some TZM members) donating to pay my rent.

    So I hope folk help you in your time of need.

    Though, I've noticed over the months/years several TZM who have had a similar problem and some have even ended up homeless when no one did help them.

    As such, I can only repeat what I've said before about the need for a jobs section on the TZM forum, and the importance of TZM folk to help each other find work, start businesses and employ each other/etc.

    Lets not be anti-money, but instead use it to improve our lives, whilst we work towards an RBE in whatever way we each see that being done.

    Now I hope me linking to a way to get some money here isn't going to get anyone else into trouble, but I think its needed in this case:

    Which links to:

    And no that isn't my site, everyone already knows my URL's :-)


  7. Codi Vickers what's wrong with you?
    cheer up man, I know financial problems are never good and nobody likes to pass through such situations, BUT try understand and accept it as a process which I'm sure you will be very successful. Your radio shows were always very bright and with lots of useful information.
    I'll make some donations by the end of this month, even though i'm broken college student!
    Keep strong and don't listen to these bastards...

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  9. Codie you are such a total hoosier dooshbag. Troll on... Troll on...


    He isn't the only landlord to be suffering this issue, more so if he only has a few rental places available and the loss of one or two suddenly means severe finanical problems.

    I was pondering something like this idea myself recently, but decided against it on the basis that we couldn't find enough folk with jobs to house share with to give us enough spare capacity that should one of them lose their job, that we could end up unable to pay the rent ourselves.

    Perhaps a general call could be put out on the TZM email list for replacement tenants for VTV, time to make use of those 400,000+ folk :-)

    Perhaps, dare I suggest to even consider the idea of a something larger scale, perhaps a housing cooperative, that VTV could be part of.

    Maybe make it profit sharing.

    It could be a way to provide a buffer zone to any one landlord having a shortfall in rental incomes one particular month/etc.

    And provide lower cost rental housing to TZM members..

    As, unless I'm the only one to notice, there has been a few that have become homeless and no longer log into the forums. (I was nearly one of those myself..)

  11. Codie,no one care about your opinion,dont you see that?Go make something useful for the society and when the people start to like you they will care about you too,now noone gives a shit about you.

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  13. I hope you get enough help to get you through. I'll check back and I'll follow you here. Right now I'm out of work to, but as soon as I get an income I'll try and help out.

    Hold out.

  14. > Right now I'm out of work to


    As finding a job a tough call these days and so far I've not got one, I'm attempting to make money via various businesses I'm starting myself.

    If we wanted, we could form cooperatives, profit share and earn money more easily as a group, than as individuals.

    Several sites recommended to me to look for work:

    I would suggest that as many of us are unskilled, that a group effort and apprentiship learning would enable the income of the group to rise over time. As at the moment getting work when you are unskilled is particularly difficult to impossible!

  15. WOW. Some of the comments here are SO distorted. Gloating over joblessness, and inventing scenarios in your head. How sad.

    I hope those of you who only ever spend time trolling the internet instead of leading constructive lives find peace soon.

  16. For those of you wondering what motivates Mr. Vickers, check out my show and blog on this blog "Inside the mind of a troll"

    Also covered in the second hour of this show:

    Codie is just a pathetic little internet bully. Nothing more. Listen to the voice recording of him on Mumble in that article. And this one is great too:

    As for Nanos:

    You saying that this behavior is why we should "listen" to people like Codie is like saying we should just encourage terrorists to kill people to get what they want. Codie Vickers never contributed anything of value to TZM. He is listed as the most destructive poster in the history of Wikipedia as well.

  17. If we listened to what terrorists was complaining about, which is usually something we are doing to them that is unfair in the first place.. then I reckon we could avoid a lot of conflict developing.

    The trick if you like, is to listen to them before they become terrorists.

    You had a chance to talk civil with Codie when you first met him, instead you misunderstood what he had to say and jumped to the conclusion he was the bad guy, and ever since in your mind, he is the bad guy.

    I had hoped that you might have matured enough now to see you was at fault to some degree with your exchanges with Codie and similar types and to adjust your behaviour accordinly.

    But sadly I see, instead of moving forward and at least treating him now with some kind of diplomatic hand, instead you continue the war by poking him with a sharp stick.

    You did manage to change with me, and I know Codie isn't the easiest of people to work with, but I urge you to try harder and show a bit of love towards your fellow man.

    If you can't say anything nice, at least say nothing at all..

  18. You can apply for Social programs that assist people in your situation. Government collects from the rest of us, and we would all agree that your story as you've described it, is deserving of social support from the government. Please do the movement a favor and look into your options on this site.,1607,7-124-5453---,00.html

  19. @Nanos

    I didn't jump to any conclusions about Codie Vickers. From the very first time I talked to him he was nothing but attacks. I am sorry Nanos but that is just bullshit.

    And I don't need to "mature". Codie Vickers is a piece of shit. Period. Sometimes even the most enlightened need to call a spade a spade.

    I was never at fault for any exchange I ever had with him. I am not even sure where you think your getting this info from. The very first time I encountered him he was trolling like the nutjob he is.

    And if your the newest person on the short list of people he kisses the ass of so you will make condesending posts like that to me in return that only discredits you further.

    Don't post that apologist bullshit for that nutcase on my blog. Period.

  20. Oh, and for the record, you preaching to me about how I need to behave myself after he posted four or five bullshit posts here on my blog full of nothing but vicious attacks on me is further absurdity. I don't suppose your telling him he needs to love his fellow man are you?

    "If you can't say something nice.."

    Seriously Nanos. I didn't go to his blog and post anything. He came here and insulted me three or four times that I had to delete. What your saying doesn't even make any sense.

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