Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Al from Mexico's article for V-RADIO 3/9/2011.

The transition is "my transition".

It makes me kind of angry when I hear many people asking about the "transition"

How is that going to be?.....when will the transition begin?.....who is going to
lead the transition?........the transition........what should we do to
accelerate the transition?

People often get caught up in the confusion of "perhaps something will happen
right?", I mean, somebody needs to do something"....."maybe something big is
about to happen", maybe someone stronger than us will come to the rescue, let's
keep waiting, let's keep praying, let's keep on having faith, let's just keep
pretending and looking the other way until suddenly out of the blue things get

Thanks to the monetary system we've been using for centuries, we have come to
the conclusion that we are powerless, defenseless, voiceless, mindless, to a
very profound level.

We tend to forget that every change, every transition, every revolution, every
new invention, starts with only one person...And that person is YOU.....You are
the transition.

So if you want to accelerate the transition, break those credit cards, cut them
all in a hundred pieces like I did a few years ago, I grabbed the scissors and
practically shred them to ashes. I finally learned to be in control of my life,
and it felt so good to get rid off the banking chains that enslaved me for over
10 years.

And of course, we could talk about many other actions that would harm and weaken
the system, such as making your own clothing and manufacturing your own home
products and foods, we could go really far as to how much we can do to get off
the grid.

But we don't need to scare away many people that are still extremely attached to
the goods they think they need in order to be "happy".

So going back to the credit cards and loans issue that we can actually get rid
off today, we can do so much damage to the current system, because they depend
on credits and loans in order to justify the phantom value they have invented.

We dont even need to force it, is already happening around the world, more and
more people find themselves unable to pay the interests from their loans
therefore they are constantly educating their kids about the dangers of getting
in debt.

Therefore we can actually accelerate the transition by just that single concept
of getting off the credit mechanisms, because the entire system relays and
depends absolutely on having you as a monetary slave.

Without debt governments can't control you, without debt nations can't bring
other nations to their knees, without debt this whole aberrant system will
collapse sooner than we think. Without the need of an old fashioned armed
revolution and without having to spit a single bullet.

You could keep on buying stuff from wherever you want, you can keep on
pretending and dreaming that things will somehow get better with hope, you can
also live upset and depressed about everything, spending 90 percent of your time
working as someone else's slave and spending only 10 percent for yourself and
your family.

But if you keep your credit cards in your pockets, you'll remain miserable,
you'll keep your family in constant uncertainty and fear ... deprived of all the
things you could have, and all the places you could go if you finally learn to
have absolute control of your finances.

We cannot be redundant enough on this issue Neil, money is debt, money depends
on debt to exist, because money is a phantom value system of exchange, that
relays on your ignorance in order to keep you as a slave.

We live stuck and deeply attached down to the few possessions we own, because we
feel that we need to protect them from others, we deprive ourselves from having
healthy meals because all we can afford is fast, high collesterol cheap foods to
keep us going.

We haven't yet realize how deep in the mud we are at this point in time because
of our absolute dependency on money, people kidnapping and killing other people
for money, people selling drugs and sickening others for money, doctors
prescribing deadly medicines for money, corporate leaders throwing thousands of
tons of toxic waste in the rivers and oceans to save money, fishermen using mile
long fishnets destroying coral reefs and hundreds of thousands of whales,
dolphins, turtles, seals, sharks and everything in their way for money.

Companies getting sued, harrassed or kicked out if they try to create products
that can last twice as long as their counterparts in the competition for money.

The list goes on and on and on, and money keeps on destroying humans, animals
and the very soil we step upon. To most people all this problems seem kind of
"impersonal" , all those things are happening to "someone else" to "something
else", as long as a soldier doesn't break in our house we can keep our fucking
mouth shut and keep watching the football game and then the soup opera.

It seems as though people have become so lazy minded that they will protest and
stand up only if the bullet hits them directly.

Perhaps until they see their own teenager daughter getting sexually abused on
the internet, because the poor girl couldn't find a decent paying job to fill
her economic needs, so she decided to try her luck in the pornographic industry,
filled with human degradation, physical and verbal abuse, drug addictions and
finally depression or suicide.

Or perhaps that isn't hard enough to wake people up to realize the sickness of
our current society worldwide, maybe until one of their kids gets kidnapped to
be used in the child pornography industry which exists also in the richest
countries and which generates hundreds of millions of dollars every year.

Or maybe when their soldier son comes back from overseas inside of a coffin, and
then realize that he lost his life to maintain the privileges of those in power.

Or maybe when they realize that their kids weren't allowed to move on to
College, because their grades are so mediocre for having lazy mediocre teachers
that can't be fired from schools for having the protection from the teachers

Or better yet, your kids are given a full month vacation, again because there
was another local school shooting spree were many students died.

And then Another church priest, and another wall street broker runs away with
the lifetime savings of hundreds of naive retirees and entire families.

And then another teenager girl dies, trying to look as slim as those starving
drug addicted models on the magazinne cover.

And then another truck delivery driver crashes and kills a bunch, because he
didn't sleep in 2 days feeling the pressure of getting the shipment on time.

Thousands of sea animals die every year unable to digest the huge amount of
plastics in their bodies, because throwing trash in the ocean is a lot cheaper
for the corporations than giving waste proper handling. Hundreds of thousands of
tons of computer waste and cell phone trash are shipped to the beaches of africa
every week.

Thousands of people were killed and many others injured and intoxicated for life
in Irak and Afganistan, because the invaders are using "depleted uranium" in
their missiles and artillery, because this highly effective explosive is able to
cut through steel and solid rock like butter. Regardless of the toxicity of this
atomic material which is able to remain active in the ground for several

And yet.....Free market economists say "It's impossible to live without money",
"It's impossible to calculate the cost of new infrastructure projects",
....."It's impossible to allocate resources without the use of
money"......."It's impossible for the world to get rid off money"

Well, if you are a free market economist and or a Capitalist advocate, let's see
how you calculate all this death and destruction in your equations.....The
selfish nature of greed for money, is not worth our existance itself.

Are we to believe that we can just look away from this mess and try to build our
own companies to keep competing and stepping on each other's heads forever?

Let's see for how much longer we can keep this aberrant and sick society.
Let's see how many prayers will be enough to wake up those Gods living in the
paradise of our insecure minds.

Let's see how many more war-glorifying video games are enough to teach our kids
a thousand ways to kill somebody. And never how to help someone in desperate

I'm a 3d animator and CG modeler myself, and back in 2006, I was awarded "first
place" in a challenge that was about creating a video game cinematic, I wrote an
original story that was about a video game in which the main characters are sent
to rescue missions around the world, these characters could only use none lethal
weapons to deal with their enemies, they could use explosives and hi-tech gear,
but only to break their way in their rescue missions of people in disaster
situations and such.

I was quite surprised that the president from the Game Developers Conference
himself, gave me the award personally in San Francisco, I was so glad that I got
the message across and went home with a big smile.

However, the empire, the pentagon, hell-i-burton, General Electric, Lockheed
Martin, the ATF, they have a little more power and resources to manipulate the
video game industry than the little of me,... hundreds of war glorifying video
games have flooded the stands of video game stores around the world ever since
the very first game consoles appeared.

Bored teenagers who have spent half their lives in front of the tv and a game
controller in their hands, begin to believe that killing another human being is
easy and actually entertaining, unaccounted for, and actually end up as hero's
that the whole world loves, and then they join the real army, full of empathy,
patriotism, or just the need for the money....Just to comeback later with an
amputated extremity, severely traumatized, drug addicted and a few years later
totally forgotten and unknown begging for coins sitting on a wheelchair on the
streets. With a big budweiser in a paper bag. But hey, those are the real hero's
war creates.

So, let's see for how much longer we want to live in constant fear and distrust
with each other

Wether we are rich or poor, its the same......the rich ones live in a permanent
state of competitive neurosis trying to raise their profits every year, they
live afraid and insecure from their associates, their partners, their employees,
so they feel the need to be always watching their backs.

They spend fortunes in security personal, bodyguards, anti-assault vehicles,
expensive surveillance equipment. they buy several homes and real state around
the world, to make sure they will always have some back up value in case
something goes wrong, in case they need to escape from a fraud or from a legal

The poor ones on the other hand, live in a constant struggle in order to
provide the basic needs for their families, in a constant neurosis to gather the
money for the rent, the electric power, water and energy bills, ...taxes,
clothing, food, school items, etc

And the vast majority, the ones at the very bottom, digging in the trash,
stealing scraps, selling stuff on the streets, begging for a few coins, stealing
cars, cell phones, wallets, and the most terrifying of all....stealing people
for money.....selling people for money.....buying people for money......killing
people for money......"

Now, If all the previous information is still not enough to make you rethink
your life and our society, and start living without monetary debt, and wether
you support the Venus project or not.......Then, keep waiting, there are a lot
more reasons to make us change waiting to be added in the long list of human

We'll never be perfect, we are still just humans, but we have to learn to make
changes in our direction and our lives, or just keep following the tail of the
sheep ahead of us.

The choice is ours.