Friday, July 29, 2011

Revealing "Revealing Talk Radio"

So a few days ago I got an email from a network claiming it wanted to add V-RADIO to it's roster. The email had the look of spam mail but I decided to reply to that email agreeing to have a phone call with the person in question. So yesterday at 10PM ET I received a phone call from someone saying they are from "Revealing Talk Radio". I am generally up at 10PM however I did find it odd to receive a phone call at such a late hour from someone supposedly representing a real deal internet network. Apparently he thought I was on Central time. I have no idea where he would of gotten that idea. Nor would 9PM generally be an acceptable time for a business phone call at someone's home anyway. But that aside.

The conversation that followed was a blend of pressure sale and confident speak that some salesman use to make it look as though they know far better then you do and you should just do what they say. I tried to explain to him that I have had plenty of experience in the field with people attempting to do what he was describing. And that it has always failed. He cut me off repeatedly and then finally suggested that we would talk over all the details during a phone call today. And that any questions I had would be answered then.

The phone call today consisted of me bringing up concerns I have and asking for direct answers. His reply was that I should of read his website, and it would of answered all of my questions. And that since I had not, he was no longer interested. He then hung up. So I went to his website and saw some of the most absurd prices for the service he is offering I have ever seen. Including asking hosts to pay $250 for one show a week that you could do every day on Blogtalkradio for 35 bucks. Or for free on Talkshoe. With a limit of two hours to the one hour he was offering. Or you could pay him the low low price of $500 to do a daily show that you could also do for 35 dollars on Blogtalkradio or for free on Talkshoe. (Blogtalkradio also pays revenue sharing benefits to it's users. In other words, you make money for having your show there. Though it is generally modest it is well worth it so it generally pays for itself.) There were a few small amenities that he offers with his service but nothing at all that would be reflected in the absolutely absurd prices he was asking.

He later told me that he would be allowing me to be on the network for free. But that he would be charging other people. After how I was treated by him on the phone, and after looking at the prices he was charging for a service you could very easily get for free on other established networks, I could not see even wanting to be part of such a project.

In the emails that followed his rude phone call I then exchanged emails with him that are still ongoing but they mostly consist of him stating that he dislikes that I thought he was rude, but at the same time saying he apparently had every right to be as I should of researched his product on his website.

I have always said that proponents of internet talk radio should stick together, and that is why I am writing this blog to inform people about "Revealing Talk Radio" and offer my advice after being a successful internet radio host with over 220,000 listens to date. Do not pay for what you can get for free, or inexpensively. Do not allow yourself to be bullied or pressured by anyone who claims to be trying to help you when they are not offering you anything that you cannot get for free and free of any hassles from rude individuals who seem to think we need his network when we can accomplish everything he is trying to accomplish at no cost to ourselves and a little work.

If ANYONE out there would like help setting up their own radio show at little to no cost even if your content is not related to what my show is about I will be happy to help you for the sake of encouraging alternative media.

And I promise not to be nasty to you for failing to read details on websites I never asked you to read. :)

This effort looks like a poorly thought out business model at best, or a scam at worst. My advice, stay away.

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