Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Acrassicauda, Heavy Metal in a war torn country.

I have been following a heavy metal band called Acrassicauda that came out of Iraq. The intense documentary about what they went through over there is called "Heavy Metal in Baghdad".


I watched this documentary and could not be anything but compelled at the story of these young men who were really just like me and my friends. They were all people I could see myself playing X-Box with in my living room or hanging out with. Although not a documentary directly about the war in many ways it touched me far more then many of them. Because it humanized the people of Iraq. It put a huge microscope on the fact that the casualty reports are REAL PEOPLE. The movie covered a lot of things that happened to them including one of their practice studios being struck by a stray missile. You are basically taken into the lives of these young men who are just like any of us and then abruptly reminded that they were living in a country ravaged by war.

So now they have finally made it to the United States after a lot of turmoil including death threats for being too Americanized. I simply cannot wait to finally get a chance to see them live.

You can listen to songs from them at their MySpace http://www.myspace.com/wwwacrassicaudas5com

Their new EP is available for download at Amazon. (You can also buy a CD for it). It is called "Only the dead live to see the end of war" and it is amazing if you like Heavy Metal.


Even if you don't like Heavy Metal, check out the story of how war impacts the lives of everyone.

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