Thursday, March 18, 2010

Questions for the Venus Project Interview.

Link to the show these questions are answered on: (Provided we were able to get through all of them in the time allowed)

"I apologize in advance for this being a question in the form of a statement.

It is my perception that there is little endorsement intellectual
innovation in an organization who's focus is growth and dissemination.
The Future By Design should not rest an the blueprint or mouthpiece of
one man- no matter how productive or effective he may be.

It is not just the media, the public, the Greeks, the man who's
attention is needed. It is the artists, writers, poets, and musicians
in addition to the scientists, designers, engineers, and network
administrators. Let's not discount the necessity of an Av-ante-Garde
lest we are willing to disregard our attachment to movement. Culture
shapes the values. but art forms the culture.

Do you think there is a place in the Zeitgeist movement for an artist-
not as an executor of a designated task or a design project?"

This question if you can call it that is kind of rough to even work
through, however I guess we can try to elaborate on Art in the Venus
Project. And in the Zeitgeist Movement.

1. What does Jacque Fresco think of the author Ayn Rand, her
Objectivism/Selfishness philosophy? Her position on the Native
Americans being that the white man had the right to conquer this

2. Does Jacque feel that recently discovered mental "disorders" real?
Such as: ADD, ADHD, Asperger syndrome, OCD, ODD, HSP, Autism etc. Or
have they been invented as products of the typical process of monetary
systems turning towards fascism?

3. How will resources be allocated to things that are not essential to
the survival of humanity? For instance, if you need resources for an
art project, what criteria will be used to accept or reject this?

4. Can you address the concern I've heard about rigidity in the
system? Some folks have jumped to the conclusion that the RBE would
mean you get what's given and that's that, where as I see the future
as one where if I want to make something new or improve on a product I
can and all I have to do is access the central computer and design my
prototype. The beauty of this being when I'm done anyone can have it
fabricated for themselves.

5. As far as the Venus Project feature film, any ideas on who might
produce/direct the film. Is a screenplay currently in-the-works or is
the basic outline still being written?

6. In what way can communication be improved to solve hunger problems,
both as in temporary intervention and as long term solution? How we
can guarantee to as many people as possible access to food?

7. Some people read books much faster than other people. Is it
cognitive brain difference or just motivation? If it's cognitive, how
do we help those who may always be behind with reading?

8. Is there a way to make buildings float? I tried thinking of using
electromagnetic levitation to counter the force of gravity but it
would require too much energy so is there another way to make
buildings float during an earthquake in order to avoid any damage?

9. What is your view on emotions and semantic reactions and will new
semantic reactions emerge in a Resource Based Economy?

10. Could Jacque elaborate on how furniture could be utilized in
houses? Is it possible to have all furniture to be built-in or would
there be some separate kitchenware gadgets and furniture that you get
from the "distribution center"?

11. Just out of curiosity: Mr. Fresco, other than Einstein and Bucky
Fuller, did you meet with any other noted personalities? Carl Sagan?
B.F. Skinner perhaps?

12. Some chronic painful diseases are hereditary, for example, skin
conditions - should they be genetically prevented?

13. Do you think humans will merge with machines, or rather, machines
will be used as extensions, easy to attach and detach, such as glasses
and hearing aids? Should we make machines permanent part of our
bodies, and become cyborgs?

14. How is power supplied where Fresco lives, via diesel generators ?
What does it cost on average for electric and cooking costs, and would
Fresco welcome equipment such as say solar panels or windmills donated
to help reduce his energy costs?

15. Why doesn't Fresco join us on the forums or IRC text chat ?

16. I think it was Future by design, I heard that you left school at
some point and never went back. How did you get along then? What did
you study and how? Didn't your employers require a degree at a
university or some credentials to employ you?

These next questions are about education:

17. Would education for children be done in institutions like schools?
Or in the homes?

18. In the future, will children be mostly interacting with a database
whilst also taking part in practical experiments?

19. Would children's education be partly supervised and guided by the
parents of the child? If not would there be any human supervision?

20. My main point though is about human interactions, I have heard
that children would take part in group tasks to encourage interaction
and cooperation. However, it seems that most interaction would be done
with computers and databases, from education to later participation in
decision making. Do you think this will have any implications on human

21. This next question, the person posted a picture of one of Jacque's
drawings he had shown Larry King with the Volcanic Geo-Thermal Power
plant. Here was his question: Are volcanic power-plants still part of
The Venus Project? Could we get more details on their energy potential
and mechanism?

22. This quote is a question about Communism: "I was also interested
in hearing about the time you had with communism. i think i heard/read
that you have explored a lot of "philosophies" if you want, including
communism. i wanted to know what you liked and did not liked about it
as i like the subject." So basically, talk about your experiences with
Communism, and what you liked and didn't like about it.

23. Same person asked this: "On that note, i read somewhere in a book
about communism ( i think it was the manifesto) that the family cell
would be changed, that children would not become the responsibility of
individuals but of everyone... i would agree that the typical American
family structure should be rethought if not re-designed, as we know
that marriage is designed more as a constraint then as sign a of love
for example... what would you think the relationship between
"families" would be like in an advanced RBE." So what will families be
like in an RBE?


  1. Sorry, my question which I asked via Twitter isnt mentioned.

    I asked following question...

    "What was first and what followed - Zeitgeist or Venus Project? Is Zeitgest specially created awareness material to think about Venus project or to think about changes in general? What was the plan? Did these two projects exist at the beginning as separate ones and later made team or it (Zeitgeist Movement) was planned activity to introduce the world with the Venus project ideas?"

  2. The Venus Project has existed for decades. Zeitgeist came much later, and was not done by the same people. Peter Joseph made the first Zeitgeist movie before he had even heard of the Venus Project. (The Venus Project also has nothing to do with the first movie.).