Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A reply to "Euripide Sneed" on the Anticultist blog.

After Earth 2.0 issued their blog post attempting to explain why they had parted ways with the Venus Project, the Anti-cultist blog put their article up on his own blog as some evidence of wrongdoing on the part of the Venus Project. Shortly afterward a user calling himself Euripide Sneed commented on the blog. You can see his comments here:


In any case, this is the reply from Roxanne I got in regards to this mans accusations. Whomever he is.

Reply from Jacque and Roxanne:

This is from a false name and is a false article. This only means that Jacque is getting more known these false accusations and lies, as Jacque always stated, will start to surface when people become more well know. This person sounds bitter and angry but also is grossly misinformed about the situations he is trying to discuss. There were many people who came to Jacque’s lectures in Miami in the 1970’s they came and when mostly depending upon how relevant the information was to their lives.

In fact we are now achieving some of these past lectures and we felt the information would be of great interest to many people. These are the lectures from the Miami area during the 1970,s. We now have just compiled 15 of these lectures on three 5 CD sets and on almost all of them you can hear Jacque at the end say it is $3.00 for non-members and $2.00 for members of Sociocyberneering not the $10 -$20 this person claims Jacque charged. This helps to show you what this person says below is utterly false in regards to what Jacque used to charge and also in many other areas as we will try and explain.

Many of Jacque’s friends he had even in childhood are still his friends (those that are still alive) alone with many that went to his lectures in 160’ and 70’s.

Many people who attended the lectures that Jacque held in his home wanted to get together and purchase land and build something. Jacque was going to supply all of the designs. Jacque offered drawing lesson so people could participate in some way but it really boiled down to three people do did most of the work the others were mostly verbal.

They did put up enough money to get a down payment for about 40 acres of land in Naples, Florida for about $600. an acre, but they did not continue the payments except for 3 people but those 3 could not make the land payments alone so a lawyer friend of Jacque’s, Cleave Herring, came forth and continued the payments until we could sell the land. Nothing was made on that venture.

It was strange because if the group did follow through with the payment and kept the land if they ever wanted to sell it would have been worth millions because that area became a very exclusive wealthy area to live. The land value rocketed in Naples. But Jacque was not going into it as a business venture.

I imagine people pulled out for different reasons but some said the zoning board would never let Fresco build what they wanted to build. After everyone pulled out. Jacque, with drawings, went to the zoning board out of curiosity and asked for a half hour to speak with the person in charge. They spoke for an hour and a half the gentleman asked if he could join the organization and said he would do whatever he could to help the project develop. Unfortunately by that time there was no organization after the members stopped paying on the land.

There was no profit from the sale of the land in Naples in fact money was lost after paying back Herring, the real estate agent and the rest of the mortgage. We were just glad to get it sold so there was no more debt piled up. That whole episode was disappointing to Jacque and the other two people who continued to work with him. After all he put out a lot of effort with people for over a decade to teach them things in all areas.

As I said some of these lectures are now available to the public and can be found on our website. We are working on getting more available but it is a long process to do this.

The money to buy the land in Venus came from the sale of a home in Miami Jacque sold. He lived there for about a year of more. This house was in the black section of Miami so you know the land value was not high.

This person states:

The property near Miami was purchased for approximately $16,000,which was a lot of money in the 70’s, when people were trying to live on minimum wage. I don’t know how much it was sold for, since it was still undeveloped. Probably approximately the same price. The property in Venus was approximately $40K, because it was more acreage. I believe that the property in Venus is under his own name so that there is no distribution requirement if he sells the property. When he sold enough money to pay for the Venus property, with the help of the Sociocyberneering funds. So, he did put up a few buildings on the Venus property which would serve as his new home. But, the value of all the buildings “combined” would be under $100K because they are sort of made of metal and gunnite, as opposed to more expensive materials like bricks or lumber. So, the asking price of the land is a

little high compared to values of the surrounding acreage.

This person who wrote this nasty article knows nothing about the prices he is remarking on. He is lying about all of this. The first parcel we purchased in Venus was 10 acres for a little over $1,600 an acre. Then over the years we purchase two other contiguous parcels that adds up to a little over 21+ acres. He knows very little about building processes either because building out of concrete and steal is far more expensive and durable than brick and timber. All of the other numbers are grossly incorrect as well.

We never changed the name to The Venus Project to cover up any deals regarding the sale of the land in Naples. We changed the name long after the purchase of the land in Venus because Sociocyberneering was too difficult to pronounce for people or even to remember. This was before the word cyber was even used. The Venus Project was simple and easy.

We don’t want to spend much more time on this nonsense as most of what he is saying are lies, projections and out of some other misunderstanding. He never checked his statements with us and does not even use his real name. If you listen to the Fresco’s Classic Lecture Series you will see that he took that name after hearing it from Jacque, which is ironic, but we mainly wanted to make a statement as to what happened in regards to the Naples property.

Jacque and Roxanne


  1. Thanks for sharing this, I just came across that blog the other day. Something didn't smell right with it. Thanks for clearing the air.

  2. when you steal land and sell it to yourself it is all profit! To lie and claim "no profit" is an insult to us. He/she clearly made 100% profit selling it back as owners of each company in the line. To use companies over the change of name is why we see a cover up, and resale right away to distance from the crime. Now we see the real crime is being passed by begging for donation under false claims, and we see the TRAITOR TZM offering us a fake eco city when it is really a THEME PARK and all IMPORTED, as well as, all the most expensive materials possible including 64 wind turbines but have not a clue if they will have wind! Donations asked but no spot chosen is braking rule number 1) evaluate your resources FIRST 2) USE LOCAL MATERIALS! NO MONEY IN THAT SO...
    They lie and ask for more donations anyways.
    and by the way..john is joining each day all the time as soon as you visit john is joining! 500 members and 404 uros all the time!
    How about the TED clips that prove that the eco city they propose on the right is a scam or it would obey its own rules. The greed does not let them think much...to steal the house of Simon Peter of the Bible and put a big Z on it to mock him with the theme park has eared them a place in the history books called Hell where we spit on the very names of such traitors.